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Speech of the Dean of the College

I am pleased and honored to welcome you at the College of Health and Medical Technologies at Al-Ayen University, and as Dean of the College I bear the responsibly to proceed together towards new goals that will promote this college. This cannot be achieved without utilizing the distinguished elements of our college. The first of which is the human resources represented by the teaching staff and all the employees at various administrative departments who are dedicated to improve the educational process and to provide distinguish services to the college beloved students to be ready to serve their country after graduation. The second element is the advanced laboratories available in the college, which consist of devices from solid international origins that benefit the improvement of the knowledge of the students.

My intention for the college to possess a leading position not just locally but also among the colleges of the Arab Homeland and the globe, in a world that is full of ideas, capabilities and challenges. That can only be achieved by continuous cooperation with all international institutions and activate academic and scientific exchange with international universities. This requires paying attentions for the scientific research and providing materialistic and morale support for those who are interesting in developing their researches    

The role of the college is not limited to support the scientific achievement but also to encourage our students to practice all the cultural, sport and artistic activities and preparing them to merge in the community and improve their opportunities. Of course that can only be reached by connecting the college with the community, modifying the studying methodology and focusing on the practical and scientific researches that serve the community in all fields of health and medical technologies, to promote the preliminary health care in our beloved Province Thi-Qar and our country Iraq.  

Prof. Dr. Fadil Ismail Sharrad Altaee

Dean of the College of Health and Medical Technologies/ Al-Ayen University

About the College

The Vision:

Preparing distinguished medical and health technical staff in various fields with an outstanding reputation locally, regionally and globally. In order to provide high quality and developed services to the community. 

Training the students of the Anesthesia Department to prepare, operate and follow up organizing the anesthesia, monitoring and treatment devices at the operation theater, recovery hall and ICU. And to intervene in the clinical emergency and life threatening cases at their various places of work (operation theater, recovery hall and ICU)

Training the students of Opticianry Department and receiving patients from different sects of the community, to provide medical services such as examining and correcting of strabismus, refractive errors, examining of the visual field, making glasses, providing contact lenses, as well as examining eye diseases by qualified opticians.

Training the students of Dental Industry Department on dental treatment and restoration, making partial and complete movable prostheses, Treating and orthodontics of movable and fixed teeth, root fillings, and preparation of teeth to make molds and fixed bridges of both types (cast and ceramic).      

The Mission

Fulfilling of the society's needs of competent scientific staff who are capable of improving themselves and are qualified to provide high quality medical and health services, using the latest technology. Besides the participation in the scientific researches that contribute in serving the community


Graduating skilled and qualified students in various medical and health fields 

Enforcing the role of technical education and its activeness in the society of knowledge and education

Updating the latest medical and health scientific development with the world developed countries

Promoting cooperation and interaction with counterpart colleges locally, regionally and globally.

 Rehabilitating, improving and developing the human capabilities in various fields of medical technology

Providing medical services to the citizens through various consultation clinics which are run by specialists assisted by technical staff from the graduates of the college.   

  producing scientific researches and specialized studies to find solutions for the medical technical issues

 contributing in the improvement of the scientific and technical research in the medical and health field

  Holding conferences, workshops and publishing specialized scientific leaflets

Effectively contributing to improve health culture of the community

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