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The College of Health and Medical Technology/Al-Ayen University was established in 2017. It consisted of five medical and health specialists: medical labs, Anesthesia, radiology and ultrasound, Opticianry and dental industry.

Its studying course last for four years according to the annual term system and grants BSC certificate in the above specialties.

Due to the unlimited support of the University presidency, the College was able to present academic programs in line with the MHESR instruction that prepared for competent graduates in various specialties. The University attracted recognized staff for the College and encourage them to participate in distinguished local and global classes and conferences

   The basic and the developed specialized labs were prepared to motivate the creative skills via merging the theoretical and applied studies. The studying halls were also equipped with the latest techniques and quality control criteria and University performance were applied in all aspects of the College. This is an endeavor  to be recognized locally and globally,  through high quality graduates and scientific researches, contribute in supporting the scientific sobriety of the University education in Iraq and provide the public and private health association with their needs of various specialties.  

Best wishes to our sons the students and successful and creative life in the scientific and academic filed

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ihsan Muhsin Abbas  


Preparing outstanding health and medical technicians in various fields, with local, regional and global reputation, in order to provide high quality medical services to the community.

Training the students of Anesthesia Dep. to prepare, operate and follow up regulating the special anesthesia devices, monitoring and treating devices at the operation theaters, recovery and various ICUs. Also participating with the medical staff to intervene in the emergency and life threatening clinical cases in(operation theaters, recovery and ICU)

Training the students of Opticianry Dep. and providing medical services such as testing and correction of strabismus, refractive errors, examination of the visual field, making eyeglasses, providing contact lenses, as well as examining eye diseases by qualified ophthalmologists  to all sects of the community.

Training the students of Dental Industry to tread and restoration, partial and complete movable prostheses, treatment and orthodontics of movable and fixed teeth, root fillings, and dental preparation for casts and fixed bridges of both types, cast and ceramic.


Fulfilling the community's needs of specialized scientific staff who are able to develop and qualified to provide high quality health and medical technical services using the latest techniques and educational tools besides participating in conducting scientific researches that contribute in serving the community. 


1-         Prepare highly scientific and technical skilled graduates and qualified to work efficiently in various health and medical techniques.

2-          Enhancing the role of technical education and its effectiveness in the community

3-         To keep pace with the latest development in the fields of health and medical specialties in the developed countries.

4-         Create cooperation bonds among the college and its peers locally, regional and globally

5-         Rehabilitating, improving and developing the human abilities in various medical techniques.

6-         Providing medical services to the patients through various consultancy clinics run by specialists with the help of the College graduated technicians

7-         Producing scientific researches and specialized studies to find solutions for the medical technical issues.

8-         Contributing in developing in developing the scientific and technical research in the field of health and medical techniques

9-         Conducting scientific conferences and workshops and publishing specialized scientific leaflets

10-       Actively contribute in developing the community health cultural

Contact information:

email: hmt@alayen.edu.iq

Mobile no. +9647800060302

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Students evaluation referendum for the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
Students evaluation referendum for the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
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