About Opticianry Department

Speech of the Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Abeer Abduljaleel Ibrahim

In the Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful

((Surely we have created the Human being in the finest form))

We believe in the sincerity of God The Almighty

Braise and Glory be to the Creator The Almighty for the finest creation of the human being.one of the most important human organs is the eye, and this department focuses on solving problems of the eye and its vision through optical path adjustment to enable the patient enjoying clear vision. The Department of Opticianry at Al-Ayen University was established in 2018 having distinguished, competent and expert staff with modern laboratories that fulfill all needs of the students. It is the first of its kind in the South of Iraq and a step forward to create new professional technical generation to work at the hospitals and clinic centers and interact effectively with the market through true and accurate vision about the local situation. We wish a prosperous future for our students in the medical field and urge them to continue studying and raise their scientific level In completing postgraduate studies and participating in scientific and medical seminars and conferences

the Vision:

The department was established based on the expansion of the use of medical glasses and lenses, which led to the serious need to optometrists and optical instrument technicians at the public and private medical institutions. The Department is aspired to have a distinguished scientific position in the academic field locally and globally, and to provide influential and applicable courses at the technical and health field to fulfill the community and the market needs.  

The Mission:

Among the main tasks of the department: preparing highly trained staff in the field of optician, diagnosing eye illness, and making glasses and lenses. The graduate is highly qualified in dealing with the medical optical devices within the global quality assurance standards, and the academic analyses according to the Bio-Statistic methods and similar medical programs at the Iraqi Universities


Preparing a highly qualified opticians who are able to support the Health Institutions and the Community with their needs of eyesight examination, vision determination, and strabismus assessment to work in eye hospitals and health centers.  

Enhancing the role of the technical education and its effectiveness via adopting scientific methods, systems and syllabus able to support the operating technical structure in various levels in Iraq

Holding cooperation and interaction links with other corresponding department locally, Arab Countries and globally

Striving to develop our students’ scientific skills and expanding their knowledge by providing the means to achieve the scientific and professional aspirations.  

providing medical services for the patients through the various consultant clinic which are run by specialists with the help of the graduates technical staff of the department  

Director of the Department

Asst. Dr. Hashim Fadhil

point of contact:

email: optical@alayen.edu.iq

mobile: +9647800060302


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