About Opticianry Department

Speech of the Head of the Department 

In the Name of God Most Gracious most Merciful

The Department of Optics was established over two years ago in an attempt to meet the optics needs for the health sector in the Republic of Iraq. The Department has been working to keep pace with the health development in this field and in the academic education as well. Our aim is to further develop the advanced health and medical technologies education, and create opportunities for postgraduate studies in the future, since this field is considered the first defense line for eye protection.  The graduates of this department are qualified to provide this care, periodic tests, and correct the refraction defects for all ages.  The department concentrate on preparing and developing staffs that can provide eyes preliminary health care, and aims to be a leading and distinguished in the field of academic education and scientific research. Lastly, the department is dedicated to offer continuous and permanent training for the students on the latest systems and make the quality of education its priority in accordance with the objectives of the University and the plans of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Head Of the Department

Dr. Ali Kadum Waddai

About the Department 

The Objectives:

The Opticianry Department was established in 2018. The course here last for four years, during which the students learn the science of Optics  to be qualified to work as optical technologists at private and public hospitals. Also to graduate a specialized staff to work at the fields of optometry techniques to examine eyesight, determining the degree of vision, and correct strabismus in eye hospitals and health centers. The main objective of the Opticianry Department is to train and prepare the students theoretically and practically to be optical technologists with distinguished and developed technical skills and be familiar with the laboratory tools and equipment and how to deal with them, besides having the knowledge of various types of laboratories and the way they are equipped and managed. The management of the department is constantly adopting new and useful technology to replace the old ones which are not compatible with the development in the scientific techniques.   

Duties of the department:

The graduates perform the following duties:

Testing and correcting the sight and determining the degree of vision.

Repairing the glasses and maintaining the optical devices

Fixing lenses for the medical glasses

Prescribing medical glasses and contact lenses

Correcting strabismus  after diagnoses 

Using the computer in checking and correcting the vision   

The Vision:

The Department aspires to be a leading department in the field of technical education locally and internationally academically and professionally

The department aspires to straighten the professional and syndicated affiliation

 It also aspires to have distinguished products theoretically and practically by providing the best knowledge programs in the field of optics technology.

 Adopting creative and innovative ideas, projects and plans to improve the education of optics techniques

Focusing on the practical education to have a leading products in the field of optics 

Mission of the department :

Prepare the graduates to work effectively at the eye hospitals and the health centers

Implement the latest technology in training and practical practice

Improving the quality of education to improve the students skills and insure achieving the knowledge by adopting the best methods and programs of teaching.

The certificate granted to the graduates:

Bachelor in Optics Technology

The graduates will get the title Medical Technician/ Optics  

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