About Opticianry Department

Speech of the Head of the Department

 Prof. Dr. Ali Kadim Waddai

In the Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful

((Surely we have created the Human being in the finest form))

We believe in the sincerity of God The Almighty

The eye is considered a very great sign and indicates the greatness of God Almighty because of what the eye consists of, as it consists of the cornea, iris and retina. In addition, the eye in itself is considered one of God’s blessings upon man and a very great miracle for two reasons, Firstly, God Almighty created the eyes and placed them in the quarry so that they are preserved and not damaged by any random movement. Secondly, the cornea of the eye is very transparent for having a special nutrition system, whereas, if it was nourished like the rest of the body’s tissues, it would be seen within its retina.  In the end, we would like to say that the creation of the eye is a great miracle that can only be appreciated by a person who believes in God Almighty, who has mastered everything He created.  The Department of Optometry Technology was established at Al-Ayen University in 2018 with a distinguished faculty of qualified professors and have extensive experience in this field with modern laboratories that meet all the needs of students during their study period. The Department of Optometry Technologies is the first department in southern Iraq and is considered a qualitative leap for creating a new highly qualified technical generation to practice the profession of optometrist in hospitals, health centers, and constructive interaction with the labor market through an accurate and correct vision of the Iraqi reality. We wish our dear students a bright future in the medical field and encourage them to continue studying and raise their scientific level by completing postgraduate studies and participating in scientific and medical seminars and conferences.


 The department was established due to the widespread use of medical glasses and lenses, and as a result, there was an urgent need for optometrists, optical instrument, and technicians in governmental and non-governmental health institutions.  The Department of Optometry Technologies should have a distinguished scientific standing in the scientific and academic community locally and internationally, and conduct effective and influential applied courses in the technical and health fields, thereby meeting the needs of society and the requirements of the labor market.

 the message:

 Among the department's main tasks is to prepare highly trained staff in the field of vision specialization, diagnosis of eye diseases, and the manufacture of glasses and contact lenses. The graduate is characterized by a high level of knowledge and creativity in dealing with the medical devices used in examining and diagnosing vision problems and what is compatible with internationally approved medical standards for quality assurance.  And academic accreditation in analyzing results according to life statistics methods and corresponding medical programs in Iraqi universities.

Department objectives:-

  •  Preparing graduates of optometrists capable to examine eyesight, determine the degree of vision, correct strabismus, fit and prescribe medical glasses and contact lenses, fit lenses for medical glasses, manufacture ocular replacements, and pay attention to and care for medical and optical devices.
  •  Strengthening the role of the optometrist in hospitals and health institutions, and enhancing the role of technical education and its effectiveness in the knowledge society by adopting scientific paths, systems and curricula capable of strengthening the structure of the technical workforce working in Iraq at its various levels.
  •  Establishing cooperation and interaction links between our department and other corresponding departments locally, Regionally, and internationally.
  •  Striving to develop students’ scientific skills and expand their cognitive awareness by providing ways to achieve the scientific and professional ambitions of the department’s students.
  • Providing medical services to sick citizens through various consultation clinics run by specialist doctors with the assistance of technical staff from the department’s graduates.

Director of the Department: Assoc. Dr.  Ali Kadum Waddai

Contact information:

E mail: optical@alayen.edu.iq 

Mobile: +9647800060302


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