About Radiology Department

Speech of the Department Director

Asst. Dr. Firas Rahi Al-Hichami

In the Name God Most Gracious Most Merciful

((They would ask you about the soul, say it is by my Lard order and you have only been given a little knowledge ))

The Academic Department represents the fundamental administrative unit in the organizational structure of the University, as none of the Universities can perform their duties but through the academic departments. therefore the department of Radiology and Ultrasound Technologies strives to be a distinguished administrative unite by adopting rules, regulations and systems of the Ministry accurately and sincerely to reflect its outputs positively. This is achieved by having highly skilled and specialized staff that contribute effectively in serving the Iraqi community to elevate their status in the various medical and health fields. The Department started receiving students in the year 2020-2021, and preparing all the advanced scientific requirements through providing specialized dedicated staff who have PhDs and MScs, besides improving the methods of University teaching and advanced scientific research by equipping the studying halls and laboratories with the latest technology     

About the Department:

the Graduates of this department will be awarded a BSC in Medical Technologies ((Medical Radiology and Ultrasound Technologist) as a job description)

Vision of the Department:

The Department is aspire to be one of leading department locally and globally in the field of teaching, research and serving the community.

Mission of the Department:

To take the lead as a distinguish professional educational institution that works to rehabilitate and graduate competent patriot human resources and to be a main source for applied researches which support the economy and participate in the social care.  

Objectives of the Department:  

Enabling the graduates to obtain specialized skills in data analyses to comply with the Global standards

To be able to present consultancy in the field of radiology and medical treatment and diagnosis photography  for the doctors, public and private hospitals, patients the Society of Thi-Qar and its surroundings

The Graduate of this department should be able to provide the related medical services to all patients with sympathy and respect manner

To make the safety and security of the patient as top priority during X-Ray procedure

Teaching the students the safe, secure and appropriate use of the radiology technique to achieve top benefit

Developing the level of knowledge and skills of the students and improve their professionalism in the radiology during their study and after graduation via continuing training and education

Graduating professional and qualified staff to work at X-Ray field at the Public and Private Hospitals and various clinic centers

Spreading general knowledge and intellect about Radiology among the local society via holding exhibitions, general seminars and using various social media

Contact information:

E mail: radiology@alayen.edu.iq  

Mobile: +9647800060302


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