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speech of the Head of the Department 

In the name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful

The Radiology Department was established in 2020 within the College of Medical and Health Technologies, at Al-Ayen University, based upon a future and scientific vision and extrapolation for the need of the technical staff in the field of applied technology.

The science of technologies has multiple aspects and applications. Therefore it needs to interact with other sciences, to reach full integration in viewing the true medical methods to provide a staff that contributes to the improvement of this science and build solid institutions that can rely upon this staff to pace with the enormous improvement in the sciences

It is a promising department and modern in terms of its syllabuses and sophisticated  scientific laboratories provided by the University. This is to build a durable base for the graduates of the this department to be the first brick in either private business or in academic field at the University.

This science witnessed an enormous expansion, as it has become a separate science in terms of visions and objectives by the end of 20th Century, due to the tremendous improvement in the informatics and remote sensing

Radiology and ultrasound Department combines many sciences with the modern medical science, and  the main science involved is Physics. Represented by studying the rays and manufacturing improved and advanced devices for modern diagnostic procedures, that facilitate examining and diagnosing of the body and reading data for many patients

  The department has an excellent technical teaching staff who hold PhD and Master Degrees. Some of them have a long technical experience in the health institutions and others have a  long academic experience and they are aspire to build the true academic personality by utilizing the enormous facilitations provided by the University and the College

The Vision:   

   The management of the Department aspires to improve it to be one of the distinguished department to submitting the academic methods and articles in the field of diagnostic x-ray and radiography at the local level. The management also aspires to graduate a competent staff equipped with high experience, knowledge and skills in the radiology technologies. They are looking forward to make this department as the favorite interface for training, education and development in the field of radiology locally

The Mission

The department aspires to provide high quality and distinguished academic programs in consistence with latest technology at all levels, and to actively participate in the continuous development of the technology and the improvement of the research and educational system at the department and the college, via continuous cooperation with the active operated departments at all official counterparts institutions


Graduate a promising generation of professional and qualified staff to work with all types of Radiology at private and public hospitals and various clinics

•        Develop the level of knowledge and skills of the students at the department and improve their professional and job path during their study and after graduation by continuous education and training.

•        The graduates have to be able to provide the related medical treatment for all patients and be sympathetic, respected and disciplined

•        Help the graduates to have access to precise skills in consistence with international standards to be able to explain and analyses data 

The aim of the radiology department is to implement strategies for scientific, modern and future projects and provide the community with competent staff in various research fields for technical applications and to be in pace with the scientific development and enrich the community with scientific ideas and innovations in the field of medical and health

The department ought to be capable to provide consultations in the field of radiations and diagnosis and therapeutic medical imaging treatment for the physicians, hospitals, patients and the community    

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