About Dental Technology Department

Speech of the Head of the Department 

Dental Industry Department represents the first administrative unit in the structural organization of the University. Therefore, it endeavors to be a distinguished administrative unit with outstanding aims by accurately and honestly applying the rules and instructions of the Ministry in a way to positively reflects the outcomes of the department by having specialized staff.

Our department is ambitious to graduate technically and scientifically qualified dental technicians, and develop their abilities to keep pace with the development of scientific process to serve the community. This is by training them on the latest devices and technologies, and develop their skills in the field of prosthetics.    

The Department started receiving the students from first day of its establishment 2018-2019. And provided all the requirements for outstanding scientific education such as dedicated competent faculty and developed methods of university education and advanced scientific research, by having modern halls and laboratories which are equipped with latest technological devices that can contribute in the education process theoretically and practically

Objectives of the department:

The Dental Industry Department aims to graduate a specialized technical staff to work at the hospitals, various clinics and at the factories producing the required materials for the dental industry. The staff is to be capable to perform all steps related to manufacturing the orthodontics alternatives for fixed and removable teeth and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. One of the vital aims of the dental industry is to bring the joy back to those who have lost their teeth and help them get as effective as the teeth they have lost, to sustain their health. The main objective of this Department is to train and prepare the students theoretically and practically to be Dental technologists with distinguished and developed technical skills and be familiar with the laboratory tools and equipment and how to deal with them, besides having the knowledge of various types of laboratories and the way they are equipped and managed. The management of the department is constantly adopting new and useful technology to replace the old ones which are not compatible with the development in the scientific techniques of Al-Ayen University and the College of Health and Medical Technologies.

Duties of the graduates:

Performing the laboratory steps related to movable coronal and metal partial and complete dentures.

Performing the laboratory steps for the removable orthodontic devices

Performing the laboratory steps related to manufacturing metal, ceramic and plastic bridges.

Performing laboratory steps related to manufacturing maxillofacial prostheses.

Operating and maintaining the laboratory equipment for the laboratories of dental industry.

The vision of the department:

Surely The Almighty God has created the human being in the best form, and clearly, the teeth are the measure to the perfection of the human look, and they are usually get ruined due to aging or misuse. Therefore the need for finding alternatives arose. This need is our vision at this scientific field. Also to make our productions theoretically and practically distinguished. This can be achieved by implementing the best knowledge programs in the field if dental industry     


The Mission of the Department:

Dental industry today is considered a modern science. Therefore this department seeks to take the lead in this field by preparing competent staff that can achieve this mission and work on improving it. 

Contact information:

E mail: pro.hmtech@alayen.edu.iq

Mobile: +9647800060302

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