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Speech of the Head of the Department: Dr. Sa'ad Haef Jasim

The Medical Laboratories Department is interesting in illness diagnoses, health of society and the scientific research. Therefore it becomes enormously distinguished among other departments of the college and the university as well. This is due to its valuable contributions to the community through the services provided by its graduates. Nowadays, the department has its own vision, performance and future plans among which its endeavor to start postgraduate studies in higher Diploma and Master, besides creating opportunities for cooperation, participation and training with other medical and research establishment. Moreover, establishing specialized laboratories in the department for training, scientific research and making modern tests, besides the endeavor to cope with the contemporary scientific achievements and developments. The department will continue graduating and preparing experienced staff capable of providing the best services for other associations and the Iraqis.        

The Vision of the Department:

This is one of the departments of Medical and Health Technologies College at Al-Ayen University. It is intended to do the best to be a model department for the counterpart medical laboratories at the Iraqi Universities

The graduates will be awarded Bachelor Degree in their specialties to perform their duties as analyzers at the medical laboratories at public and private hospitals and private laboratories. The department presents its self as an integrated partner to be involved in the health services in the country, by being open to the society and provides the best services in the fields of  developing activities related to various pathological analyzes and meeting the variable needs of society.

One of the vital concerns of the Department is to keep pace with the rapid improvement in the field of basic and advanced clinical pathological analyses. Besides, fulfilling the variable needs of the community via developing the educational plans and methods and providing scientific competent staff and laboratories that are equipped with distinguished latest technical devices. It is also concerned about the scientific research and implementing programs for postgraduate studies to improve the standard of the scientific research and the education in Iraq.

The Mission of the Department:

The need for establishing this department arose, to fulfill the community requirements for specialized scientific technicians, who are prepared to work at the various research and health institutions and private sector using new technical standards. Also to provide care and accurate illness diagnoses for the patients to pace with the best international specifications applicable in Iraq, via graduating specialized staff in various pathological analyses, who has professional background that considers the patient as a main axis. Note that the department has an ambitious  and clear future mission and it endeavors to submit the best services, developing the teaching staff and the students in the field of educational and scientific research, creating opportunities for postgraduate studies and expand the cooperation with counterpart  and concerned departments and associations to ensure continuous high quality products    

 Objectives of the Department:

Graduating a specialized staff capable to work at the Medical laboratories and carry out all the pathological analyses related to blood and other body's liquids, microbiological and chemical tests to detect bacteria and their toxins , laboratory detection of parasites, laboratory detection of viral infections, and operating various types of electronic and electromechanical medical devices of all kinds (standard, Diagnostic, therapeutic) and maintaining them.  

Preparing scientifically professional staff and specialized technicians to work at the laboratories of the hospitals and other departments of the Ministry of Health and relevant associations to serve the community

Developing the technical and scientific research abilities of the teaching staff and the graduates, keep updating with the modern developments and urging the staff to use the contemporary methods in their field of specialties

Building solid, mutual, research and scientific relations with the corresponding departments at the University and other Universities, through participation in seminars, courses and training workshops. And invest that to improve the abilities and mutual benefits for public interest  

Based upon the specialty and nature of the study the graduates will be qualified to work at different educational and scientific associations, various health departments and medical fields. This is due to the training and lectures followed by the graduate in illness diagnoses, pathological analyses and training on laboratories techniques theoretically and practically

Head of the Department: Dr. Sa'ad Haef Jasim

Rapporteur of the Department: Assistant Lecturer. Mortada Hassan Abid

Contact information:

E mail: medical.laboratory@alayen.edu.iq 

Mobile No. +9647800060302

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